Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WiP Wednesday

It is Wednesday, right?



First, I must remind everyone to give me vlog ideas if you want my vlog next week to be super awesome! You have until Friday, so make your voice heard!

And now for WiP Wednesday!

Okay, I'll admit I haven't written in a while.

*dodges staplers*

Hey! I've been busy (and I'm the Queen of Lame Excuses) and I've been trying to give The Quiet Calling a little space before jumping into revisions again. As of now, my goal is to have a good draft finished before November so I can maybe-possibly-I'm-thinking-about-it enter National Novel Writing Month again this year.

So, instead of sharing my writing today, I thought I'd share the things I've been using to inspire me to start writing again.

First, I watched "For a Few Dollars More" this past weekend.

This is a great Western and I really loved the towns they traveled through. It gave me a lot to think about!

I also love Clint Eastwood when he was in his 30s. Such a great voice. So handsome.

Then, I've been listening to this song by Ray LaMontagne on repeat.

It's SOOOOO August (character from the book) that it tears me apart. Seriously. It makes me a mess.

Anyways, what have you guys been working on? Anything inspire you lately?

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Claire Dawn said...


Haven't written in a minute, but I'd like to wrap up the current WIP before nano. If you do it, let me know your username. I suspect I'm muchlanguage.

Current WIP is set in my old high school and is sort of about Prince Charming. I was supposed to be writing it for fun.