Thursday, October 7, 2010

Finally, A New Vlog!

McHotVoice couldn't handle the pressure after yesterday (did you see that terrible formatting?) so I'm back at the helm.


I have a NEW VLOG!!!

Since it's been about seven months since my last one, I thought it was time!

Wow! It's not six minutes long!

I think I'm getting better at this vlogging thing.


inthewritemind said...

That's pretty interesting.

Also---how did you do that nifty art/sketch thing at the beginning? That was neat!

Sarah said...

Hehe, I got home a couple of hours ago from a 3hr presentation from the Physics Dept at my university. If I never have to hear the words "atom splitting" or "angular momentum" again, I shall die a happy person.

So imagine my shock when your vlog is about atoms! ;) It was 1000% more interesting than the Physics talk, and you are a video editing genius. I loved that thing at the start. Can't wait for the Mockingjay review!