Monday, October 25, 2010

In Which I Make Mountains Out Of Molehills

You know what stresses me out every week without fail? Trying to do my laundry.

I, and probably 240 other students by my guesstimate*, have access to six washers and six dryers. In my opinion, this is absolute craziness, especially when half of the machines don't work on any given day.

I always think to myself, "Now's a perfect time to do laundry. I bet no one's down there." This is usually half right, because although there's no one in the laundry room, there's always laundry being done, and all the machines are always filled.

True, this is probably a silly thing to be stressed out about, what with all the other things I have to deal with on a daily basis, but it's a problem that could be fixed and that's why it irritates me.


How could I think that laundry was fun when I was little? Maybe because everything was pink.

Playing house sucks.

In other news, I finished watching every episode of "The Tudors". It will be awhile before I can watch anything with Jonathan Rhys Meyers in it.


*Spell check totally thinks this is a word!!! I win.


Sarah said...

I think this is a legitimate thing to be stressed about--little things become bigger when life is busy. I hope you get at least one happy laundry day. Since I'm going to college in my hometown, I've started bypassing the laundry nightmare by hauling it to my parents' house, where I don't need to insert quarters into the temperamental machines :)

inthewritemind said...

I was stressed out about it in college too. We had more washers and dryers than that, but not much. I always tried to schedule my classes around an afternoon when I could do laundry! I found that was the easiest way to get it done. My sister used to wake up early on Saturdays and then go nap afterward.