Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 9

It is day nine, isn't it? My brains hurt.

Last night, when I was at about 16,500 words, I hit a fork in the writing road. It was one of those forks where I had to decide whether a character knew something or not, something that would effect the rest of the story. It was a difficult decision, but if I change my mind, that's what revision is for!

I'm really loving my characters. I feel like I've known them forever, but there are still things I don't know about them and it's nice to have little surprises pop up as I write. It's actually pretty helpful because I'm still not entirely sure where this book is going!

Anyways, this was my writing music over the weekend (and I'm kinda digging the video as well):

Annnnnnddddddd........ GO WRITE!


Shannon Whitney Messenger said...

Yay! Go Go Go! And I'll be crossing my fingers that you made the right choice at that fork in the story (I HATE when I have to go back and backtrack!) :)

Sarah said...

Dude, you are kicking Nano's butt! *waves pompoms* Expect an email in the near future ;)