Friday, November 5, 2010

Resident Expert: NaNoWriMo

Since it's been five days since NaNoWriMo began, I thought I would finally share some tips I picked up last year for today's RE.

First, don't be afraid to wing it. NaNo isn't so much about planning as it is about just doing it. Don't stop to revise. It feels crazy but it's exhilarating to let go of control and see where the story ends up.

Second, don't let yourself get burned out. If you've been sitting at the computer for a while, or a notebook, or whatever method you use to write, step away for a few minutes. Take breaks. Movement will help you get your mind back on track. I like to exercise, take a hot shower, or (and I know how weird this sounds, but it works for me) brush my teeth. Whatever you do to get ideas, don't stop!

Third, eat healthy. It's easier to focus when you've eaten a balanced meal. I admit I'm one that writes late into the night and sometimes caffeine can be tempting, but in my experience it's better to go to sleep and let your mind rest. Your body gets tired for a reason!

Fourth, have fun. That's the point, after all! Make writing friends, post ridiculous questions in the forums, or go to a write in. Writing is easier when you're doing it with someone else.

And my last piece of advice speaks for itself: GO WRITE!!!

I had a pretty successful NaNo week, how 'bout you guys?!

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Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, that's really good advice! I'm not doing NaNo but I am trying to stay motivated along with all of you!