Monday, December 13, 2010


A couple of nights ago I had a BRILLIANT idea to work into my revisions of The Quiet Calling. I was about to fall asleep (because I was in bed, trying to fall asleep), so I reached over to grab a notepad I usually keep by my bed for events such as these to write it down.

Only, for some reason, the notepad wasn't there. It was across the room, on my desk. If it wasn't the middle of the night and I wasn't so tired I might've gotten up to get it, but I didn't. I thought "This is so BRILLIANT there's no way I'll forget it."

Guess what? I forgot it.


Has this ever happened to you? You think that you've finally figured out something that will make your book a-freakin-mazing but you forget what it is? Incredibly frustrating.

Good thing I'm going home in a couple days for Winter Break. My brain needs to rest. Too bad I still have two more final exams to go!

Since I haven't been funny recently, please accept this link to the best "invisible" LOLCats. It's Monday... we all need a good LOL!


Karli said...

I haven't done that yet. I have made up a joke for my sister (who shared a room with me) and thought "that's so lame I'll remember it in the morning." Of course, we both remember there was a joke, but we don't remember what it was about. Maybe elephants. Or vegetables.

So I can commiserate a bit. Sorry for the loss of your idea.

Writing Junkie said...

This has happened with whole novel ideas! I wkae up in the night and i'm like woah!!! Idea! Idea! But my notebook is not on my bed so i'm like forgt it, i'll just jot it down later. And the next day i'm like idea, I had an idea...what was it again? lolz

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