Friday, December 3, 2010

Resident Expert: Eoin Macken

've been waiting to share Eoin on RE for a while now... SO EXCITED!!!


Because I can look up photos like this:

He used to be an Abercrombie and Fitch model, ya know.

Also, he's Irish, and on one of my favorite television shows (from BBC) "Merlin" as Gwaine, a handsome, loyal friend to Merlin (although he does get into trouble a lot).

Just another reason to love the already awesome show:

In that photo, he looks like I imagine the best friend of the main character from my new book looks like (which is totally a legitimate reason to change it to my desktop background if I want to).

Apparently he was also an officer in "The Tudors"... I'll have to go back and look for him :)

One more thing before I wish you an awesome Friday:


Have an awesome Friday!


Sara Raasch said...


Katie H said...

I was just writing a blog post about Gwaine on my blog, and found this image of eion macken on your blog.
you have a new follower my friend :)

seriously love the show merlin, gets better and better every episode.
sooo much eye candy on it too ;)