Friday, February 25, 2011

Resident Expert: The Oscars

It's that time of year again, folks.


I'm REALLY excited about James Franco hosting (and Anne Hathaway)... I just don't know if I'd rather have him or Colin Firth win for Best Actor. Decisions, decisions.

Well, if I ever win an Oscar, I'll be completely prepared because I've been practicing my speech for as long as I can remember.

But, before you get to the speech, you have to pick out the dress (and presumably be nominated after performing above and beyond expectations in a film, blah blah blah) you'll wear. I'm in LOVE with Olivia Wilde's dress from this year's Golden Globes. LOVE.

When you've got the perfect outfit, it's easier to make your speech (in my opinion).

Here's the basic formula:

1. Thank your family.
2. Thank the Academy.
3. If you wish, thank your deity of choice.
4. Thank the cast and crew.
5. If you're classy, compliment the other nominees.
6. If you're character was a real person, thank them (*cough cough*Julia Roberts
5. Share an anecdote.
7. If you haven't been cut off, throw in a few Oscar over-the-head victory shots and laugh/cry.
8. But if your speech is short, make it energetic.

I made McHotVoice promise to thank me when he wins his first Oscar.

Of course, even with the formula, there's always the possibility of blubbering like Jennifer Hudson. I still think she had a great speech, though, and even with my preparations I would probably be a little shaky!

Who do you want to win an award this year? What would you say in your acceptance speech?

Happy Awards season, ya'll!


Sarah said...

I'm so excited for the Oscars! Still bitter about OrRyanGosling's snub. I loved The Social Network so I'm hoping it takes Best Picture. I can't wait to see how James Franco and Anne do, and I think it's about time Mr. Darcy, I mean, er...Colin Firth wins an Oscar.

Lola Sharp said...

Oh, I don't know who to pull for. I thought the Fighter was tremendous...and I think/hope what's-her-name-from-Treme-and-in-The-Fighter-actress will win for best supporting actress. I think she deserves it.

I thought Winter's Bone was beyond excellent. Proof that quality exists on a low budget and sans big name actors. The acting was stellar, IMHO. So I think I'm pulling for WB as best picture. I love an underdog.

Michelle and Ryan were both SO DAMN GOOD in Blue Valentine...I am PISSED they snubbed my Ryan Gosling. (he's mine)

Enjoy your Oscar viewing!