Thursday, April 21, 2011

Resident Expert: Castle

I know it isn't Friday yet (*cries*), but I'm doing this week's RE post a day early since this weekend is Easter Break for a lot of people and I figure no one will be online tomorrow.


Castle (no, not that kind of castle) is a show I've recently started watching, for Nathan Fillion reasons, and I absolutely love it.

Castle is a show about Richard Castle, a crime writer that follows around Detective Kate Beckett of the NYPD for his book ideas.

Let me just say that I was hesitant about watching this show because I am REALLY not into cop dramas or all the CSI stuff. There's generally too much corny dialog about people dying coming from attractive people that pose next to corpses. Ahem.

I feel like Castle breaks that mold. Yes, Beckett is a homicide detective and the show centers around the murder of the day, but with Castle hanging around the whole dynamic changes. As a writer, he has always has a different perspective of the crime and usually helps piece together information about the "characters" that the detectives miss.

Did I mention that he's a writer? Because I really like that.

In addition to being a New York City celebrity, Castle is a single father and his teenage daughter, Alexis, has a way of helping him see past things that get in his way of solving crimes. I love their dynamic; it's sweet and realistic.

Have you seen the show? Do you love it? Hate it? Want to be in it?

Have a great holiday weekend!

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Jamie Manning said...

I love love love this show! Not only is Nathan Fillion hot (wowsa!), he's hilarious. Some of his expressions when Beckett does or says something "provocative" are priceless! And I also like Esposito and Ryan--their chemistry is great too!