Thursday, April 7, 2011

So Many Mariahs

Do you ever search for yourself on Google?

Because when I do, I'm the third entry. This blog is the third entry, actually. The fourth entry is now, a domain I bought for the Web Publishing class I'm in right now (So, basically don't mind any of it if you happen to look at it. There's nothing there yet.).

I also have a WordPress blog I created for school, but that doesn't come up anywhere. Embarrassingly, a lot of high school cross country and track results still come up with my name. And a lot of Mariah Carey.

And it's pretty much the same for an image search. A few photos of me, millions of Mariah Carey. For a long time, this was the first photo to come up:

I think it's hilarious. Really, you should be afraid that the resemblance is so uncanny.

Most people don't get to this blog looking for me, but I find the Mariahs above me on Google annoying, because what if someone was looking for me specifically (and not in a creepy way)?

Anybody else in the same boat?

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inthewritemind said... last comment didn't save for some reason. Or maybe it did and I'm just not seeing it. Anyway...

I don't have that problem. Guess that's what happens when I have such a unique name. The first two pages on Google are me--including a highly embarrassing "incident report" because of my car accident earlier this year :P So sometimes having a really unique name isn't that great, LOL.