Saturday, May 14, 2011


That's right. Today's my birthday.

I'm excited, of course, but also extremely tired. I can't remember that last time I got a full night's sleep (or showered, for that matter). Thanks, finals week, for falling on my birthday every year. It makes me feel special.

Well, before I fall asleep in the library while I'm pretending to study, how about we have a little party?

Let's have some cake...

... or maybe not. Way to ruin it, Marie Antoinette.

Oh, I know! Birthday CUPCAKE.

You know what, guys? I'm now TWENTY years old. That feels significant.

McHotVoice was totally prepared to dance with me on this prestigious occasion.

Coldplay's Chris Martin also sang "Yellow" for me this morning... and shyly told me it was written for me all along. How sweet!

The Tenth Doctor just gave me a cheeky little wink, and when I asked him how he felt about me, he said "Does it really need to be said?"

I'm definitely in good company today. Also, I can't forget that YOU'RE here. Thanks for being awesome, bloggy friends! I wouldn't be here in all my bizarre glory without you.

So, are you gonna eat that cupcake? No? *noms*


Anita Saxena said...

Happy Birthday! Hope it's awesome.

Sarah Wylie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! *noms cupcakes* Hope it is fantastic regardless of finals. Seriously, who do I need to talk to about having to worry about exams on your birthday?! That's, like, against the laws of feminism!

Hayley said...

Mmm the Tenth Doctor, how I do love him. Happy Birthday Mariah!!

Read my books; lose ten pounds! said...

Happy BIrthday. That song Yellow makes me think of when I was dating my husband. Im not sure why, something must of happend. hummmm.

Cat Jensen said...

Happy birthday! And I recognize the episode of Doctor Who, it's The Girl in the Fireplace, right?. Awesome episode :-)

Hope you had a wonderful day with lots of cake!