Thursday, May 5, 2011


The other day I signed up for Tumblr, mostly out of curiosity, and it's actually pretty fun.

It's like a mini-blog. I can post a picture, or a video, or write down a little thought. It's a nice place to do that sort of thing when I don't have time to write an actual blog post here.

Also, it gives me the opportunity to make gifs of Liz Lemon, from "30 Rock", handing out hot dogs:

So, do you Tumble (is that even the right term)? If so, look me up!


Ali G. said...

I just started following you! I'm at :)

Emily said...

NO lie. I just signed up for tumblr today. SO i've been playing around with it right?...WEll I start thinking I wonder who I would KNOW that uses tumblr? and I was like oh yeah MA-RI-AAAH might...little did I know it would be the first thing on your so anyway just felt like tumblr is ...