Friday, March 2, 2012

Under 21 Interview: Constance and Maggie

Happy Friday, everyone! Today is a special day on Constantly Risking Absurdity. I had the chance to interview two amazing young writers, Constance and Maggie of the blog Twin Moment for the Under 21 blog tour.

Read Constance and Maggie's fabulous answers to my questions and at the end you'll find details for a contest... you can win five books!

1. How do you two know each other and what's it like sharing a blog with a friend?

Constance: We met through Write On!, the blog/forums for teen writers that the mega-wonderful Authoress from MSFV started. Ah...the blog. See, back in the summer, Maggie had a blog, and she was urging me to start one too. It would be fun! It would be a place to express myself! I relented, but I roped her into helping me think up a blog title––it was her idea. After nearly an hour of awful, half-jesting (I hope) suggestions like "My Heart Smiles" and "I Forgot My Thought," our friend AndrĂ© said, "If you both blogged together you could call it "Twin Moment." " So that was that. I love blogging with Maggie. I'm pretty terrible at remembering to post, so sharing the load with someone else at least makes me feel like less of a slacker.

Maggie: It's true, everything Constance said. It's WONDERFUL sharing a blog with a friend, in particular Constance. When I had my own blog I wasn't super thrilled with it, because the pressure to be entertaining/funny/whatever was on me and me alone. Now I have someone to share the burden, and it makes it that much more fun. I love it!

2. Semi-related: Why do you blog? Does it help your book writing, for instance?

Constance: Like I mentioned in the above question, I started blogging because Maggie coerced me into it. But I enjoy it. It's sorta like Twitter, except there's no limit to how much I can ramble––and I love to ramble. I wouldn't say it helps my writing, precisely. It's more purely for sharing my thoughts––which definitely does help my writing in a roundabout way, since talking things out is how I deal with everything, especially writing wrinkles. But it's also for just sharing my joys and grievances (and to show off my knitting, if I'm being honest, hehe).

Maggie: Like Constance, I blog because it's fun. It's a place for me to discuss my opinions, share what I'm going through, and even get advice. I can ramble all I want, about whatever I want. You can't replace that. As for actually helping my writing, yes, it kind of does! More than once I've shared what I'm going through writing-wise and received some truly awesome advice and pick-me-ups in the comments.

3. Obligatory question: You're stranded on a island! It's a desperate situation. The only things that have made it to shore (I assume it was a shipwreck, but it could also be a "Lost" situation, I'm open to interpretation) are three books! What books are they and do you read them or use them for fuel?

Constance: Oooh. Well, I'm not sure what Maggie would say, but as for me, the books would be War & Peace(for fuel, obviously), The Lord of The Rings trilogy––all three books in one, YAY!––for reading, and The Swiss Family Robinson, to inspire ideas of how to race ostriches and raise pet monke––er, survive and thrive on the island!

Maggie: Stranded... hmm. The idea of burning a book horrifies me, but if we really needed that fuel, for kindling, say, then I'd bring Beowulf to burn (I can't decide if I'm kidding or not), Lord of the Rings (3-in-1, like Constance said) to escape into, and the Bible to keep myself sane.

4. Would you two ever consider writing a book together? Why or why not?

Constance: I'd never thought about it, honestly. I think it could be fun! But at the same time, I'm not so sure how well it would work...mostly because I don't really know how people go about writing novels together. How do they decide who does what? I can imagine, but putting it into practice...I dunno. Plus, Maggie is very private about her writings––even I haven't read any of her novels. So who knows? Maybe we will write a story together one day, maybe we won't.

Maggie: I'll begin by saying nothing I'm about to write is personal. *cough* But the answer is a clear "no." I wouldn't (couldn't?) write a book with anyone, not even Constance. Well, I take that back. Nonfiction would be okay! But when it comes to fiction, I can't even imagine trying to share the task of portraying characters and deciding their thoughts and the world and its design... My stories come from within me, and I would probably always want to do things my way, and take the story where I wanted it to go, likely resulting in a very miserable/frustrating situation for the both of us. Yeah.

5. What are some of your non-writing interests? Do they inspire your writing?

Constance: My non-writing interests include, but are not limited to: poi, knitting, high adventure-y stuff like backpacking, foreign cultures/traveling, making others happy, and reading (naturally!). All of these influence and inspire my stories! My first novel I finished was set in modern-day Korea and featured one of their mythical creatures, while my current novel incorporates poi as part of the world-building.

Maggie: To name a few, dancing, photography, tea-drinking, playing guitar. I love so many things other than writing, and I love trying new things. And yes, everything I do in life inspires my writing in one way or another. Every novel I write has at least one area that is specifically tied to a passion of mine. For example, the main character in the novel I just completed is a photographer, and her tastes in photographs and subjects pretty much line up with my own. Not to say that all my main characters have one of my hobbies, but, whether I try or not, at least one of my hobbies/non-writing pursuits always end up in each book I write.

6. What are your future writing goals?

Constance: My first, easy response is "to be published." But really, over that, I just want to write wonderful stories that teach a lesson but still make people happy. I know I'm still pretty far from amazing writing, but that won't stop me from trying.

Maggie: My first goal is publication, but my second goal is to change the world and people's lives with my stories. I want to inspire, encourage, uplift, motivate, help, challenge, and love people through my words. That is my goal, and I'll do whatever it takes to meet it.

7. If you had to describe your latest WiP in one word, what would it be?

Constance: "Aspiring."

Maggie: This is INCREDIBLY difficult. When I think of my latest WIP, I think "ocean." So, "ocean" it is!

I feel like I have so much in common with both of them, and am so glad I got to virtually meet them through this Under 21 blog tour!

Now, contest details.

Everyone in this blog tour was asked to describe his or her WiP in one word. By going to every blog and sending Anna Waggener a list of those words, you're entered to win five books from this list!

Thanks for reading! Have a great weekend.

EDIT: Go here for the official contest rules!

ANOTHER EDIT: Finally found my interview... it's here, given by the
fantastic Gracie!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Update: Come Back Tomorrow!

I hope that everyone had a great Leap Day yesterday!

I'm just popping on today to let ya'll know that I'm taking part in a kind-of blogfest thing tomorrow called Under 21, in which a bunch of writers 21 or younger all interviewed each other and will post the interviews tomorrow at noon.

And, in addition to meeting some new bloggers and reading my interview on another site, you can enter a really great contest!

So come back tomorrow... it will be awesome!