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On this page, I will talk a little more about myself (because, you know, I don't do that almost every day on this blog).

Aaaaaaaand... go!

Hello. My name is Mariah Irvin. I'm a college junior studying journalism by day, and usually by night as well, but other times at night I write books. Okay, okay, I write books during the day too. The lines are a little blurred.

My first voyage into book-land was in seventh grade. I was twelve, and convinced I was the best fantasy writer ever (probably because I read so much of it). When that project failed, I attempted to begin two others before I realized that I wanted to be a journalist.

Then, during my junior year of high school, while studying to be a journalist, I got into a friendly competition (read: extreme challenge) with my friend who was writing "The Best Book Ever". I started with a single scene, then two, then three, until a full-fledged project bloomed while I wasn't paying attention. And that's how The Not-So Meet Cute was born.

I started this blog about a year later, in January of 2009, but the book wouldn't be finished until September. I edited a little before shelving it for my new, shiny project, The Quiet Calling (at the time called Jane's Air), which I wrote during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). I've been revising it ever since.

I participated in NaNoWriMo again in 2010 and made it to 50,000 words with a book called Half a Brother, but it's not quite finished even now!

Hmm... what else is there to tell?  I love the color pink, laughing, reading, reading upside down, dancing spontaneously, and talking to my bloggy friends.  Chocolate always makes me happy, and so does my personal assistant, McHotVoice (known to the rest of the world as James McAvoy).

Have any questions?  Leave them below, and I'll answer!

Let's be friends!

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carol rich said...

You have a great blog. I've just finished writing my first novel and I'm interested in getting your take on it. Why you? Pure happenstance. I was leafing through blogs (since I have a brand new one myself) and stumbled upon yours. I think that my book, Untethered, would be perfectly suited to your age group and mentality. Since you have a new kindle, I thought that you might be interested in reading it.
Here's my proposition: read the free sample pages, and if you want more, I'll buy you a copy. Then, if you still love it (and I think you will), maybe you could spread the word. That's it. No string attached. If it's not your thing....cool.
I've never tried anything like this, but what's the harm?
You can check me out on blogger. Carol Rich "Untethered."
Have fun in China!